Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vintage Coffee Bottle

Related Posts with ThumbnailsSince I've gone back to work full time and it's a non-profit (means we all work way over 40 hours) I haven't had the time to sit through all the auctions. On my way to get gas on Saturday there was an estate sale. I usually don't stop at estate sale but this one was different. The people were moving so it was more like a garage sale, just bigger stuff. They had several boxes of old bottles they had pulled down from the rafts in the garage. The bottles have been there for over 50 years, since the first owner of the home. These bottle were so dirty, they were black with dust and grim. I "cherry picked" out the good ones IMO. I have them tagged and ready to go into my booths at Cranberry Hill and Cottage Crafts.

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