Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It was a very good day

Related Posts with ThumbnailsToday was one of those days where all the stars lined up and good things happened at every turn.  Being a bullet point and list type of person here's my list of what happened today.
  1. AWC Wednesday volunteer brings in lunch for everyone and today is was a great ham and bean soup.
  2. For the past month I've been trying to find all the sprinkler heads in the back field at the center. I thought they came on at night so I would never see them in action.  This morning our gardener came to check the automatic timer (which was not working, reason why the grass was turning brown) and turned on all the sprinklers.  I ran out with my cans of pink spray paint and he had his helper run through the sprinkler tagging all them.
  3. The front landscape has been looking very dry and I thought our system was broken so I would go out in the morning to water everything. Turns out that the system was turned off. I not good at programing those types of things so one of the staff came over from the other building to take care of it.  No more having to hand water everything.
  4. When I came back into the building, my volunteer showed me two receipts,(we write receipts for all money/checks that come in)one person made two large donation to both the Yu Ai Kai and Akiyama Center.
  5. We have been looking for a guest speaker to talk about sleep disorders for an upcoming health fair with no luck.  Today our ED confirmed the top man in the field (from Stanford's sleep center) as our speaker. That kick up the level of the health fair by 100%.
  6. All the fire permits I needed to get for upcoming events got taken care of today.
  7. A local bank is closing it's doors and asked if the center would like anything. The ED will get to update her office (which now looks like Goodwill gone bad), AWC will get some very nice chairs and sofa for our in take room, XL large artwork to cover over some holes in the walls and tons of office file cabinets and the support staff will get to replace their 30 plus year old desks. All this without costing the center anything.
This is all good news but tonight the budget committee is meeting.  With the shortfall of funds,some programs and services will have to be cut.  

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