Sunday, May 15, 2011

Banana Bread

Ok,I have a hubby who will NOT eat the last of anything.I'm not kidding.He will leave one chip in the bag, one cracker in the box,one tiny piece of steak etc... He use to make fun of his mother for doing the same thing. It must be in his DNA. 
My daughter left some very ripe bananas at our house last weekend. Hubby tried to eat one today and realized you could not eat it as is but instead of throwing out the other two bananas he put them back in the refrigerator. I ask you why? During my weekly clean out of out dated food,I decided to make some banana bread.  I don't bake well so there wasn't anything to lose. The banana bread came out extra dark, I won't say it's burnt but it sure is brown.  Not bad if you use a lot of butter. :)   
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1 comment:

June K. said...

I wonder if your husband and mine are related. My husband will open a new bag or package of something when there is one or a little bit left in the old package. Same with toothpaste. He won't use up and toss out the current tube of toothpaste but opens another one and leaves for me to finish off.