Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sewing Projects

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI read the book "Over-Dressed, the shockingly high cost of cheat fashion" by Elizabeth Cline. If your into going green and even remotely interested in clothes, it's a good read.
The author also points out the art of sewing is lost very quickly if parents don't teach their children. With cheap fast fashion, many people have stopped taking the time to sew. I know when I was younger, I was taught to sew and I made some amazing things. Of course as I got older and busier, I stopped sewing and now with all the new types of machines out there feel a little lost. 
I love the re-fashion blogs of women turning thrift store finds into something they can wear. I love the creative challenge of seeing something and making it your own. 
The creative side of me decided it's time to get back to using a sewing machine. I've been looking for some fun pillow cases, which are hard to find (well so far impossible) that are made with quality fabric. As they say, the stars all lined up. I was volunteering at FABMO  ( a non-profit that recycles fabric from the designer samples in San Francisco. I came across some very nice high grade cotton print (pink fabric in photo will be my new pillow cases - $4.00 for 2 yards) at a faction of what I would have paid for at the fabric store. The best part is it kept it from going to into the land fill. 
The animal fleece fabric is a baby quilt I'm hand sewing together for niece's baby shower. I purchased the fabric at a local quilt shop and boy did I have sticker shock! For just 3 yards it was over $42.00.
I really wanted to make pillow cases out of the mushroom fabric but the sample piece has a lot of damage and pen marks. I thought it was too funny to pass up, so I have my thinking cap on now on what to make with it. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Blue Vase Card

Related Posts with ThumbnailsAnother card I'm finishing up from my card marathon fundraiser in 2015. I always make extra kits, just in case. I'm finally getting around to taking apart the kits (been several months) and some I finish off and other just recycle everything back into my stash.The great thing about this card is the vase is really easy to cut out and you can change up the color. 
Stamp - unknown, I lost the packaging 
Die Cut - Memory Box
Asian Paper - Old Japanese book - yes, I tore out pages.
White embossing power

Over Dressed - My book of the week reading.

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI've been a big fan of the blog 
"refashionista" from almost the first day she started blogging several years ago. Not sure how I found it, but it's been amazing to watch/read about her journey.  I'm not into fashion (comfort is the most important thing in my world) but I do love the creative process of refashioning something into something else. Her blog has under gone some changes as she has moved to more commercial postings but it's still a fun blog to visit. 
She posted this book, for those who are into recycling clothes to read. Since I've helped a few friends organize their closets my interest in why people, who already have a closet full of clothes, say they have nothing to wear. Why do they keep buying super cheap clothes that they really won't ever wear? Would it help them if they knew the true cost of buying cheap? So this is my book of the week reading. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Getting UFO done! Michael Strong Stamp

Related Posts with ThumbnailsOne of the cards I did for a marathon fundraiser in 2015. I'm finally getting around to finishing off the extras from the kits. This card is one when you make it, you should make several since you have to bust out your heat gun and embossing power. It's goes together super fast!
Stamp - Michael Strong
Circle - Nestie
Washi Paper - Hanko 
Pop Dots
Gold Embossing Powder
Michael Strong Stamp

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Valentines Day / Chinese New Year's Combo Card - Hero Arts

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI wanted to do a Happy New Year's card but realized there aren't too many stamps out there. So I turned my attention to making Valentines day cards. I'm not into all the kissy kissy type of images. I saw on the calendar that Chinese New Years starts in February, so I combined both into on card. Yeah I know the girl is wearing a kimono, but hey I'm Japanese. 
One of my goals this year (really I started in September of last year after I lost my job) was to mail the cards I make. I have hundreds of them, some of which I sell but I rarely ever sent any of them out. Thought it was silly to have all these handmade cards and they had no place to go! So if you want to be on my mailing list, send me your address. :)
The card:
Washi Paper  -  Hanko 
Stamp - Hero Arts
Paper - Kelly Papers
Heart Punch - so old I have no idea who made it.
Copic markers
Foam pop dots.