Saturday, October 21, 2017

2017 Caring Hearts Card Drive.

Sample of the cards we will be making for the card drive

I will be hosting a Paper Crafters workshop on 
Sunday, November 12, at Fabmo. 
10:00 am  - 2:0o pm

The workshop will be to make cards for the "Caring Heart" card drive. The cards are given to the elderly in senior centers who have no family or visitors during the holidays. 

I will provide all the materials to make the cards, which will be on the simple side. We also need people to write a short message inside to add the personal touch, so even non card makers are welcome. 
Hope you can join us!


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Halloween Eyes 2017

Designed by Geri @ Cranberry Hill
Isn't it great when you envision something and it turns out!
Geri the owner of Cranberry Hill designed this candy holder for her "Hag Day" celebration. I knew when I saw it, I would fill it up with eyeballs. I work at an optometrist, so had to go with the chocolate eyes. I think it's just too cute! 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

In the kitchen and garden 2017

When things get stressful, I head to my garden or kitchen. Watering the garden or cooking up something is my happy place.
Every couple of months the doctor I work for brings in a crate of ripe bananas. It's a small office so I bring most of the bananas home to make banana bread. Someone asked me why I make bread when I'm gluten sensitive and can't eat it.  I hate to see the bananas go to waste and I don't bake all that well but I can make banana bread. People seem happy to receive a loaf, so that's a plus. I also love the smell of baking, even if I can't eat any of it.  So I see it as a win - win!
In my garden the second round of basil is in so I'm in the process of making pesto. Nothing better than fresh pesto! Again another friend said it was faster and cheaper to just buy pesto. For me it's the process, spending time out in the garden, picking off the leaves and getting everything ready. Today is a beautiful day to be outside so why not?
Now to find more people to give the banana bread to. :) 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Lawn Fawn - Elphie Selfie 2017

I've been on a creative roll this week. There are a whole lot of babies being born this year. I decided to make tags instead of card. I don't have very man baby theme stamps so I had to go through my stash for stuff to see what I could come up with. I've had this Lawn Fawn "Elphie Selfie" stamp set for awhile now (impulse buy) and the little baby elephant just popped out. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Paper Crafters at FabMo - October 2017

Finally got my act together to get my Paper Crafters workshop together for FabMo. I love making Halloween cards, even with it not being a super big card sending holiday. 
I also designed a Halloween gift card holder for those few kids I will see on the big day. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Gift Card Holders 2017

I volunteer at FabMo and we do a workshop at Google once a month. Coming up with projects that can be done in an hour and use supplies from the FabMo stash can be challenging. Almost all the young employees don't know how to sew, let alone use a needle and thread but I will say they have no fear when it comes to learning something new. They just go for it!
I saw some gift card holders on Pinterest made from felt, which FabMo gets a lot of. Using my die cuts, I whipped these up. I've never been good at making french knots, but for some reason it worked on the snowman. The Joy holder is a spin on my German Shepherd who loves to chase sticks. Even the tiniest little chip of wood, she will fetch it. It brings her great joy, so I had to make this one with a little branch. 
They turned out so well that I will do a workshop at Fabmo for my Paper Crafters group. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Gifts from Iceland 2017

When I travel, I try and support local artists. While in Iceland I picked up a few things. The heart necklace is made for ram horn and horse hair. The glass beads are made in the original community center for the island. Walls are about 2 feet thick and very low ceilings. Those earrings are going to a good friend for Christmas. 
I really wanted some lava beads and finally found a simple necklace. Good thing I didn't buy one of the more fancy and expensive pieces. After I got home I researched Iceland lava beads and found out that the lava on the island can't be made into bead - too brittle. All are imported in from somewhere. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Iceland - Food 2017

Langostino, shark in a bottle, whale tail, lamb bacon, sea bird
Iceland, I think is known more for the food people won't eat. :)  There isn't a whole lot of fresh veggies or fruit so if your a picky eater, you'll starve. We ate most of the famous dishes and it was no surprise they lived up to their reputation. Fermented shark wasn't that bad but the whale tail was nasty! With food price being so $$$$ is had to be really bad for me not to finish it. We did find a bakery that made the best croissant (even better than Paris) and a swiss mocha is made with real chocolate. Of course a small mocha (think large expresso cup size) and croissant was $12.00.
I did have the best lobster (langostino) I've every had. It was the only thing on the menu and that restaurant (out in the middle of no where) does it really well. It came recommend by our Airbnb host. 
Best chocolate croissant ever!
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Iceland Snowmobiling 2017

One of the things on my list of must do while in Iceland was to go snowmobiling over a glacier. Everything in Iceland is very expensive and snowmobiling was right up there! It was a fun adventure and my daughter did a great job piloting. once in a life time experience, at least for me. 
It was very icy ( summer time) so just a little more dangerous. Without fluffy snow, there are a lot of giant ice pits all over the glacier and things were slippy so staying on the trail was super important. 

Iceland Trip 2017

Back from my trip to Iceland, so there will be several posts about my travels there. 

One of the things I wanted to do was ride an Icelandic horse. Susan Eckert, the owner of Adventure Women Travels was a big fan. I always wanted to take one of her trips to Iceland but I wasn't experienced enough to go with all the horse women. Her trips there were centered around horseback riding as as she was an avid rider and owned two Icelandic horses here in the states. Susan passes away this year, so in her memory I gave it try. 
My horse Oden was a slow and steady guy but my daughter's horse Tree Bark (Icelandic name too hard to pronounce) was a feisty one. He always wanted to be next to the guide horse so my daughter was always at the head of the line. Beautiful waterfalls everywhere and the water being glacier fed, was safe to drink straight from the source. Saw a few big geysers (only Icelandic word to make it into main stream English) which was impressive.  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dealing with Stress

When things get stressful for me, I turn to my garden. Last week my credit card number was stolen, so I had to call to cancel my card and get a new one reissued. That process wasn't all that bad but getting my new card in time for my upcoming trip to Iceland this week, is causing a few gray hairs. Now I understand why my Dad always went out to his garden after work to water. Something very meditative about doing that. 
I also have two homes in the outlining area of Houston Texas. At this point I have no idea if any damage was done or more importantly if my tenants are OK. There hasn't been any response from my property managers, but I'm sure there are more pressing issues they have to deal with.  
So I walk out to my garden and water the plants that I started from seed or little seedlings. Water the Japanese maple trees that came from my father garden to help remind me to be thankful for what I do have. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Squishy Backgrounds 2017

When I'm having a creative block, I make backgrounds for my cards. For the longest time I could never get the squishy acrylic block technique to work. I've watched many YouTube video, but until I watched one done by Jennifer McGuire did the light bulb go on. It's not rocket science but Jennifer explained the why and how without a lot of excess blabbling, which is the down fall so many other crafting blogs. The photo doesn't show the really cool ones on made since I've already turned them into cards. Big thank you to Jennifer!  I will link her blog posting on how to do this technique once I figure out how to do it. :) 

Halloween Cards 2017

Every time my computer is updated it takes me awhile to figure out how to upload my photos. Sorry for the delay in getting things posted!
I finally got around to picking up a ream of Desert Storm card stock. Love the color and more down to earth look. I've also practiced more with my Misti and well,  have to admit it does make a big difference.  If you want to mass produce cards or avoid those under-stamping mistakes, using this stamping tool is a must have, even at the high price point. 
For this year I went with making the candy corn card to mail out. Even with Halloween not being a really big card sending holiday, I love making them! All the stamps and die cuts are really old and the packaging is long gone so I can't list everything. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sand Dollar Card 2017

Hand delivery only 
I'm a bubble thinker, meaning I solve problems by putting together different ideas. Most people in the creative process are like this. I had a box full of sand dollars I collected years ago on a crafting retreat at the beach. I walked along the beach for hours picking up sand dollars. I thought I would make a wreath at some point. Well fast forward to today and I turned them into a card for my card making group the "Cornflakes" after seeing this definition of thalassophile on Pinterest. All the bubbles came together and made a card that is truly in my style - clean and simple. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Monoprinting Sample Card 2017

Getting ready for my Faux mono-printing workshop at FabMo on July 16, 2017.
YouTube is a wonderful thing! I've been working with twinkling H2O water colors for years and never knew there were other ways to work with them. I mainly make backgrounds, but I gave this mono-printing technique a try and surprisingly it turned out pretty well. The demo person said she could get 30 prints out of one round of painting on the stamp but I was only able to get 10, which still isn't bad.  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Faux Mono Printing Workshop July 26, 2017

FabMo Faux Mono Printing Card Workshop
Finally getting around to posting my next workshop at FabMo. Made the samples and poster but forgot to take a picture. Took a few weeks to get back down to FabMo to take a photo of the poster. 
Everyone is welcome to attend the workshop, just let me know your coming. We will be using Twinkling H2O watercolors the way they were intended to be use.  You just paint your stamp once and you can get several image by just misting with a little more water. If there's time we'll also make some backgrounds, my personal favorite with these watercolors. All supplies are provide and a $10.00 donation to FabMo is requested. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Compass Card

To help with the creative process when I'm in a slump, I make backgrounds. I'm not sure what it is about just slapping color down on paper but it works for me. The back ground will sit around for months until my creative light bulb goes on. I had made some of the cards last month when I came across these mini compasses in a junk pile. The compass is really too thick to mail but it's just fit the theme of the card so I just went with it. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

HB card 2017

What happens when you take photo after midnight, just a little off.
It's great when you have other crafty friends who have all the lastest good stuff! I borrowed the HB die (Poppy Stamps) to make this card for a buddy's birthday. I'm on a inlay kick right now and using my water colors. This die really has too many tiny pieces for the inlay technique but it was made for a special friend. I won't be making to many of these in future but I think it turned out well!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Happy Place

Carmel City Beach
Sometimes just knowing where your happy place is makes all the difference. As all crafters do, I took down a ton of projects to work on. Really didn't get to any of them but it doesn't stop me from packing as if I will. :) 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Share Handmade Kindness

I've joined the movement Jennifer Mcguire's "share handmade kindness" project. Making cards to pass out randomly to people to spread more happiness and positive thoughts. For the last few weeks I've made master watercolor sheets to use on my cards, making each card unique. 
This one (can't tell from the photo) uses the inlay technique and mini brads that I've had for years. Finally breaking into my old scrapbooking stash of embellishments. Amazing how much stuff I still have from years ago!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Those who inspire others - Susan Eckert - Adventure Women Travels

Susan Eckert - Adventure Women
There are a few people who have had a great impact on my life. Susan Eckert was one of those people. She helped me (and thousands of other women) to go outside my comfort zone and travel to see the world. She was one of the first adventure travel companies just for women. At the time of my first trip with Adventure Women, I was married to someone who didn't like international travel. I either had to live with the regret of never getting to see the world or do it on my own. Since that very first trip many years ago, I've now flown half way around the world by myself, been in a tropical storm that stranded us on a remote island, capsized in a boat in Nepal, come face to face with a wild orangutan, been only a few feet way from a wild lioness eating a fresh kill, had a baby seal born on my foot while hiking the Galapagos Island and taken a picture with a llama while hiking Machu Picchu. There are many more special memories that Susan made possible for me and many other women. It was sad to get the news Susan past away this week. Her legacy to encourage women to travel alone will continue but she will still be sorely missed. 
In Honor of Susan Eckert
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Inlay Card Technique

A little closer look at one of the cards I made with all the watercolor backgrounds I made this past weekend. You can't really tell that the many thanks is inlayed into the card but it is a cool effect and make the card very flat - great for mailing. 
Thinking I may turn this into a class. It's so fun just to spend time splashing color onto paper with no really goal in mind. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Water Color Backgrounds 2017

I had this weekend off so after getting all the weeding done in my garden and around the property, I spent time making watercolor backgrounds. I tried Color Burst Crystals (like Brusho) but I still like Twinkling H2O as my go to watercolors. It took me awhile to figure out how to get a consistent but random background look without everything turning into a muddy mess.  
I finally figure out if I painted the watercolor onto my block, mist lightly (key here) and let the block sit on the watercolor paper for awhile (another key step), I avoided the running muddy mess.  Now with a stack of backgrounds made I decided to try the inlay technique for the cards I'm making for the "share handmade kindness" project. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Water Color Backgrounds

When ever I lose my creative mojo, I turn to my twinkling H2O watercolors. Splashing color on to paper with no goal in mind is helpful. On some of my favorite card making blogs, they all talk about how "easy" it is to  make interesting backgrounds - NOT true at all. My best guess they had to make a ton before getting the one that's shown on camera. Of course they may be more loose about what's good and what's not. :)  Still I love the blogs and videos which inspire me to keep trying. I plan to turn these backgrounds into "share the kindness" cards to hand out.  I also hope to do a workshop, so others like me spend the day splatter paint and see what we get. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Time in the garden 2017

Since I have the whole weekend off from work (happy dance) Annie and I spent all morning working out in the garden and outlining property. Having to deal with deer and gophers, I'm very limited into what type of landscaping plants I can use. I find it relaxing to pull weeds even if I'm having to climb up and down the hill. Annie of course only cares about chasing her ball. :) 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Washi Paper Weaving with Crane

I've been trying to clean up my crafting area, a battle every crafter goes through. I'm finally getting around to using up my washi paper scraps. I made the base card weave part months ago and just unearth them this morning. I picked up a huge bag of Mizuhiki cord at Cranberry Hill's used rubber stamp sale last week for $1 so decided to finish up my cards. I think this will be my May card I send out to friends for a "just becasue" moment. :)
I may end up teaching a class, since I have more scraps that I can possible use up in my life time. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Trying something new with food.

Finding out later in life that I have gluten issues, it's been a challenge to bake. Now that's it more main stream and cost effective to use almond or coconut flour, I'm able to experiment more. I also have a good friend who is a baker and has a spouse and child who is also gluten free. So when I need a good recipe, she my go to person. This past week I perfected my gf pizza, which make for a quick dinner. Adding homemade pesto and spinach from my garden to the pizza is a plus too!
I also BBQ pork chops for the first time on the grill and they turned out perfect. I never knew you could!
Now the challenge for this week is to make a gf carrot cake for an up coming birthday at work. I'm not a fan of carrot cake (not sweet enough) but it's the birthday boy's favorite. 
My daughter gave me some coffee beans from Hawaii in December and I decided it was time to start using them. I've been making ice coffee for Annie's morning work outs. . With the weather finally warming up, I can enjoy time out in the garden while Annie chases her ball. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Eye Chart Card

This was a card I designed years ago when embossing folders first came out. Amazingly the parts survived my big craft room purge. Now that I work for an optometrist and his birthday is coming up this week I made another one. Pretty  simple but he's a guy so over embellishing it would be a waste. :)  

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Morning in the garden 2017

I'm not a morning person by nature. I'm most creative late at night when everything is quiet. Things changed after I got Annie, who requires daily exercise (especially when she was a puppy) so my day starts at sunrise.  Annie gets her breakfast at dawn and then after a few hours goes out for a run. During that time, I get things done around the house before I have to leave for work. With the hot weather now here, I really have to make sure Annie's workout gets done before it heats up. 
California strawberries are now in season (happy dance) so I enjoyed some time out in my garden snacking on them while throwing the ball for Annie. My daughter brought back some Hawaiian coffee beans for me so I made some ice coffee, which is something new for me. 
Have to love living in CA!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Midori Travel Journals in Leather

Basic Book Binding
It's always fun to learn a new skill or try a technique using different materials. I've been paper crafting for years and ended up having all the tools to work with leather. The paper crafting industry back in the day took tools from other areas to use until they developed their own. The Any Where hole punch is a leather tool but I used it to set eyelets.  The Midori style travel journal was a ton of fun to make. I don't think I will ever write in it (not my thing) but I love making them. FabMo had received a huge donation of leather samples so it made the workshop affordable while we practiced making the holes. This was Scottie's first workshop as a teacher and she did a super job. We hope to repeat this workshop later on in the year. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

I spent the Easter weekend with my daughter and all the grand puppies. Have 4 dogs in my very tiny place was challenge. My daughter started Easter off with the breaking of the chocolate bunny ears. I don't think I know anyone who starts with the feet? Then we went out to dinner at Hot Pot, which was interesting. Can't say it was great but it was a new experience. Bailey is spending the week with us while her family is on vacation. It's been a little stressful for Annie (who likes things in order) since Bailey can be a little naughty. :)

Perfect Ligthing - Yellow Roses 2017

For the past week, I've been picking up the mail for a friend who's on vacation. Her whole driveway is lined with roses, something I can't grow with all the deer around my place. It was an overcast day and it had just stopped raining. Yellow roses are a favorite of mine, so I noticed that the yellow rose bush was in full bloom. Then I saw that the lighting was perfect for a good shot with my cell photo. No editing required! :)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bunny Ears Gone Wild

I finally had a chance to play with my new stamp sets from Hero Arts (March kit) and Lawn Fawn (scallop pop up box). I had to practice making several boxes to get the pop up box pop. Once I got that down, I started the fun part of embellishing my diorama. Everything was going good until  I closed up the box and saw the ears popping up. It was a "Houston We Have A Problem" moment. The pop up box fits exactly into an A-2 size envelope without bunny ears. Of course I used super strong tape to hold everything together so I can't rip it apart. It does look cute with the ears sticking out thou. :) 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Scottie's Leather Memory Journal Workshop

FabMo's  Paper Crafters will be hosting another super class - Memory Journals by Scottie on Sunday April 23, 2017. 
Scottie will teach a basic book binding technique using leather, faux leather and wallpaper.  
I did a test class with Scottie this past weekend and my journal turned out awesome! 
I had to dig through my stash of tools to find my "anywhere" hole punches I used back in my scrapbooking days. Amazing that I still had them with all with all the hole punch machines that have hit the crafting market. 
Anywhere Hole Punches
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Birthday 2017

It's a big birthday year for me and my daughter made it super special. First was a surprise dinner at Le Papillion with my sisters and nieces this past weekend. I was totally surprised when I walked in and saw everyone. Dinner was great!
Then on my birthday we went to dinner at Gochi, which is a fusion Japanese place that makes Japanese pizzas. As always dinner what super. My daughter's boyfriend gave me a Fire HD8, which was something I've wanted to try. I haven't jumped on the a whole laptop bandwagon so they thought this was a good intro. 
My daughter didn't want my supply to run too low. 

Thanks card 2017

I made this card a few months back, trying a some old stamping techniques. I have to send out some thank you notes, so decided to add the "thanks" to the card. Die cuts have come a long way from when I first started scrapbooking and stamping.  Back in the old days, you would have to hand cut everything out. :) 
I'm using some very "vintage" Quickuts dies (flower) and old fashion punches(leaves). 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gluten Free Scones

Have had this recipe for gluten free scones for years but always made it with almond meal, which was easier to find and cheaper than almond flour. Now that almond flour is more common, I broke down and picked up a bag at Costco. There is a fine line between done and burnt so you really have to know your oven and keep check these puppies. I make a double batch since they freeze well. I also use honey instead of agave which I think adds a nice touch. 
Very happy that they turned out so well!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lawn Fawn Stamp - Home for the Holidays Valentine

I've had this Lawn Fawn stamp and die set for a few month now. I was going to do something for Christmas but as any crafter knows, time just slipped by. 
It's been a very dry month for me in the creative department so that didn't help either. 
I love to watch Jennifer McGuire's YouTube videos (which are great) to get ideas and help fall asleep. It's like listening to a bed time story, yes I know it sounds weird but it works for me! She posted a video doing a semi gate fold card.  It did inspire me to make this card with a yellow VW bug, which was my very first car back in 1975. 
While I was out walking Annie last night I thought it would be fun if I could stamp a dog looking out the back window. Annie is always riding around with me so those who know me and receive this card will understand. I had my fingers crossed that I had a stamp small enough to fit.  I got lucky and had saved some very vintage mini stamps. 
Lawn Fawn - Home for the Holidays
Nesties - Hearts 
Amuse Oval
Amuse Happy Valentine's Day
Memento Inks
Copic Markers

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cookies during the storm 2017

It's been rain non stop and I have a really wound up German Shepherd in the house. She doesn't care what the weather is like but I hate getting soaked. To keep busy while we wait for a break in the storm, I made some gluten free peanut butter cookies. Not the healthiest thing in the world but really hits the spot for my sweet tooth!  It only has 4 ingredients too.
Peanut Butter

Monday, February 6, 2017

3D paper folding workshop.

I volunteer at FabMo every month and one of the new projects we're working on is hosting (providing the space) mini workshops in a variety of the crafts. It was decided we should put our building to better use since it's only open to the public a few days a month. It was a shame to have all this space and not use it. 
One of the big issues I have is not having any place to meet up with other crafters without having to pay an arm and a leg. The workshops are open to the public and the workshop fees are up to the individual teachers. I believe we only post the dates in the FabMo newsletter or you can check the website.  
The next papercrafting workshop is a 3D paper folding class with Tim Ames.  $5.00 to FabMo is requested. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Filling in the hillside with daffodils.

Annie enjoying some sunshine
Living next to a county open space, one has to deal with all the wild life that wanders on to the property. The deer and gophers are the worse and they make it almost impossible to have any type of landscaping. Took me a few years to figure out what I could plant that would survive all the critters. Daffodils happens to be one of the few plants deer and gophers won't touch. So a few years ago I planted 1,000 bulbs to fill in the backyard hillside with something other than dirt. I will be long gone before the whole hill is filled with daffodils but nice to know someone in the future will get to enjoy the beauty.  
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