Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Iceland - Food 2017

Langostino, shark in a bottle, whale tail, lamb bacon, sea bird
Iceland, I think is known more for the food people won't eat. :)  There isn't a whole lot of fresh veggies or fruit so if your a picky eater, you'll starve. We ate most of the famous dishes and it was no surprise they lived up to their reputation. Fermented shark wasn't that bad but the whale tail was nasty! With food price being so $$$$ is had to be really bad for me not to finish it. We did find a bakery that made the best croissant (even better than Paris) and a swiss mocha is made with real chocolate. Of course a small mocha (think large expresso cup size) and croissant was $12.00.
I did have the best lobster (langostino) I've every had. It was the only thing on the menu and that restaurant (out in the middle of no where) does it really well. It came recommend by our Airbnb host. 
Best chocolate croissant ever!
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