Saturday, August 15, 2015

Washi Pendant Class - MeetUp

Washi Pendants
Related Posts with ThumbnailsWorking on getting my holiday class schedule set up both for my Meet Up group and at Cranberry Hill. Hard to get in the Christmas sitting in a heat wave but we do have to plan ahead.
The washi paper pendants will be a class for my Meet Up group. It's a super easy class and the results are amazing. The only hard thing is tracking down all the parts. There isn't a date yet for the class, so I will post once it's confirmed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Camp We Will Go!

Related Posts with ThumbnailsIt's been many many years since I've been camping using a tent and sleeping on the ground. We did a lot of tent camping when my kids where little and then moved up to a vintage trailer, Miss Pinkie. I didn't get the camping gear in the divorce but overall never really missed it.
This weekend I will be joining my son and his friends on a camping trip to go abalone diving. Sadly Annie has to stay home with her favorite babysitter. Looking forward to being back outdoors and sitting around the campfire.