Monday, June 18, 2018

FabMo Workshop June 24, 2018

June 24, 2018 10:00 - 1:00 
The card samples for the workshop this coming Sunday at FabMo. The theme is H2O in stamping. 
I volunteer to do a workshop once a month for FabMo to help raise money. 
FabMo moved to this awesome big bright warehouse. Very nice to do classes there now. The best part is that Annie has plenty of room to run around and get her people fix. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Simple Cat Card - Inky Antics

Yes another stamp I got at the garage sale. Guess I should title my posts "the .50 stamp deal". It's an old one from back in the day when multiple images where put on a wooden cube. Inspired by Jennifer McGuire to use Gamsol with your color pencils, I broke down and got a bottle.  I've been playing around with the technique and still trying to get a smooth blended look. Sandy Allnock (also a favorite) has some great videos on how to use color pencils. She's a little more advanced in her techniques, but has a ton of helpful tips. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Sewing Card 2018

Some birthdays are coming up and I think you can guess what their hobby is. I borrowed the "stitch with love" stamp set from a crafty buddy since I already went over my stamping budget. The thread is actually hand spun wool from another friend who spins, knits and weaves some amazing things. I'm thinking I should make some more for my card racks and to the charities I support. 

Iris Card 2018 - FabMo workshop

This is one of the clean and simple cards I will be doing for the FabMo workshop on June 24, 2018. The workshop theme is H2O and stamping. This direct to rubber stamping technique is old school but still fun to do. 
The stamp is one I found at the garage sale a few weeks ago for .50. It's 28 years old but still in great shape!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Living in the Bay Area - foodies dream

Yes, the housing prices in the bay area are obscene and the traffic is  now all day long but there are many perks to living here. One is our growing season is almost year round. Second the local ethic grocery stores are everywhere. I like the Asian stores because the produce is always the best (the little old ladies would have fit if it wasn't) and I can easily find ingredients to make just about anything. Today I picked up some char-sui pork (my impulse buy) which they don't always have. I also try and buy only what's in season so local artichokes and asparagus are on the menu for tonight. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hero Arts June Kit 2018

Hero Arts June Kit 2018
From what's been posted, this Hero Arts kit sold out in hours. It was helped along by the amazing Jennifer McGuire's video. (If I can ever figure out how to link anything to my blog I would  but I'm very low tech) 
I get up super early because Annie likes her breakfast at sunrise. I always tune into my favorite crafting peeps. I don't think I was even one minute into Jennifer's Youtube when I click to order the June kit. I knew it would sell out fast and better get it done before I left for work. 
Being a beach person, it just had to find a place in my stash. 
There were many people who were upset they missed out. Even more shocking was seeing the kits on Ebay selling for $150.00 ($35.00 from Hero Arts) before the kits even shipped. The scalpers have tapped into the limited editions of these kits. If people wouldn't buy from these people, then maybe more would be available. If they can't sell them for a huge profit maybe they would give up. 
Hero Arts does take a poll in the fall to find out which was the most popular kit and they will re-release it. I would hold out and wait to vote for it in the fall.  Can't wait to work with this kit! Thanks Hero Arts!

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Iris HB card

This past weekend my cousin had a huge garage sale with several of her friends. One of those people was purging her stamping supplies and she had LOT! I got there late and there was still a ton left. Everything was a $1 or less, we're talking full SU sets and Amuse sets. I can't even imagine what was there before I got there. 
This stamp (only .50) was at the bottom of the bin and I think it was passed over because there wasn't a stamp image on the top of the block. I had to make a HB card for work today and decided to use this stamp. Heat embossed with black embossing power and Zig clean color water color markers. 
I first used my color pencils and gamsol but I didn't have the right shade of purple. I then pulled out my SU markers but again didn't have the right shade and my pens are going dry. Went with my copics but for some reason the black embossing power started to bleed. Finally pulled down my Zig clean color markers, which I don't use a whole lot. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Rose card from hell - 2018

I've know about Gamsol for a long long time but I've never tried it. I decided this old dog needed to learn something new. My locally owned craft store for some reason had Gamsol in stock, not sure why but I took it as a sign I needed to buy it. 
The coloring part went fine with my limited color pencil palette but when I went to the shadow under the vase it started going down hill fast. I didn't like it so I had some of these circle cut out on my desk from a old card class I did last year (yes, I just got around to clean out my class kits) and decided to cover up the bottom. Went to heat emboss the sentiment and I put the stamp in  my Misti backwards - don't ask how I did that. Then I took a second cut out and for some reason my paper slipped in my Misti. The third and last cut out (I only had 3 to start with) I forgot to use my anti-static pouch. It was a hot mess. So I turned it over and gave it another go. This one isn't as clean as I would like but I threw in the towel and said I was done. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Stamping Haul

I really don't need to buy any more new stamping stuff since I have so much still to use from my purchases at the last used rubber stamp sale. But I'm having such a good time with the Paper Smooches first cross- stitch die, I broke down and got the square and circle die. Not the task of coming up the patterns I want to use. The other dies were just a little extra ones to get the free shipping. I got the Santa Dog die to go with the stamp set I got at the used rubber stamp sale for a $1.00. The die is being discounted, so I thought I should pick it up. The ampersand die was also on sale and it's one that I wanted. I have been using my Cricut machine but having to set up the machine in my little crafting space is a pain. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Little Birdies - used rubber stamp sale.

I'm really trying to use all the stamping stuff I brought at the last used rubber stamp sale. This cute little bird stamp from Magenta was too cute to pass up and I think it was only 50 cents. The 'hey chick" is from a SU set I also picked up. 
I finally used my Zig clean color watercolor pens. I've had them for over 3 years and never really used them. There is a learning curving and I haven't made it to the bend in the road yet. :) 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Carftroom clean up - again

It's been several months since I cleaned up my crafting space. Things really start to pile up! At some point your working area becomes the size of a postage stamp. On the rare long weekend I had off, I bite the bullet and spent the day cleaning things up. I still have 2 big tubs of misc paper I have to go through but at least my table top area is clear. 
Now on to designing for my next to workshops for FabMo. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

My daughter treated me to a very nice Mother's Day. Dinner at a great restaurant and then a show. Spent the night at her hotel (had a great view) and then spent the day walking around the town. Visited a small shop that make their chocolate starting with the bean pod. Everything is processed in house. It was delicious! More later.