Monday, January 23, 2017

Fabric Kimono Cards - FabMo Paper Crafting Group 2017

This past Saturday I hosted the first FabMo Crafting & Chatting paper crafting workshop. The project was a iris folding card with the fan design. I had my AccuCut machine there along with some other custom dies. Everyone was encouraged to bring in their own paper, so they could make extra die cuts. 
At FabMo we get tons of small square fabric samples from the design center. We have a hard time giving those away. One of the students held up one of the kimono dies to the sample fabric card and BOOM the idea to use them in card making was born. One of the great things about hanging out with other crafty people is brain storming new ideas!

Monday, January 2, 2017

FabMo Paper Crafters Workshop 2017

One of the many things we talk about at FabMo committee meetings, is how to involve more of our volunteers in social events.  It was decided to start informal get togethers with people who share a common interest. Paper crafting of course was one that I signed up for. I will be doing the first workshop on 1/21/17 at 10:00 am at FabMo. What makes this class a little different is that I will bring my  fan die cut and Accucut machine to class for the volunteers to cut out more cards to take home. Normally I don't lug that heavy machine around to class. ;) 

CCB Card Class - Wall Paper & Ginkgo

Cottage Crafts Monday, January 21, 2017  11:30

Finally home for while, so getting back into designing for my up coming workshops and classes.  I volunteer for FabMo every week so I'm always exposed to some amazing things. The wallpaper that comes in from the design center is pretty impressive! I snag this sample a while back. Looks like silver birch barks with copper flecks. At the time I wasn't sure what I would be doing with it (true for all crafters!) but it was too cool to pass up. 
Took me awhile to round up all the parts but I think it turned out well. I finally used my new MISTI tool which I purchased before Christmas. Yes, I finally broke down and got one. ;) It will make it much easier for people in my classes at Cottage Crafts and Google to stamp correctly the first time. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Snuggle Blanket Drive - San Jose Animal Shelter

I've been sewing a ton of tote bags for the Grateful Garment program as well as for the local homeless agencies. It does take a certain amount of fabric to make the totes, which I pick up at FabMo. There are always end cuts, too small of most home sewing projects. I came across a request for kennel blankets for dogs and cats at one of the local shelters. The poor little things get a sheet of newspaper in their cage if there isn't enough bedding. So taking the fuzzy discards and batting that comes into FabMo every week, I was able to make over 60 (update - over 100 sewn so far) kennel pads. Really easy to sew and I've been able to use up my own stash of batting that I've had for years.  Off today to drop another load of bedding at the Adobe Animal Hospital. Then I have to wait for more fuzzy material to come into FabMo. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Crafting Up a Storm - FabMo Vendor Thank You 2016

I know I've be really bad about posting my crafting projects, but I get behind in taking photos and then forgetting to post. Some of the projects took a long time to make, so again I was more focused on getting the project done on time.
At the end of the year, FabMo likes to pass out cookies to all the vendors that donate the fabric to us. This year we added a little thank note. In keeping with the mission of FabMo, we try and use what we have on hand. I made over 250 cards using paint samples that were cut down into little squares. I die cut out "thanks" from paint chip samples as well. I also helped make these little baskets out of 8" squares which the cookies went into. It was a team efforts with all the sewing, glue and baking involved but we got it done in time. 

FabMo - Volunteer Thank You Gift 2016

This week FabMo hosted a party for all their volunteers. In trying to stay green and keeps cost down, I made fabric envelopes. FabMo gets a tons of 8" square fabric samples so we try and find as many ways to use them up. In making the envelopes, the type of fabric makes a big difference. I was lucky enough to come across a stash of light weight linen. 
I added the card using my Cricut machine.  It's been a super long time since I used it and I was amazed (once again) all the things is can cut out! Will be break out the my Cricut machine more often!

Friday, November 11, 2016

After Election - Safety Pin

There is so much fear now that we have a new president. The news feed is filled with people feeling free to attack anyone that doesn't fit into the mold for what they think an American should look like.  I live in a liberal state, but even here it's showing up. Living in Silicon Valley, which has a huge Asian population, I'm a little more insulated but I know it out there. I'm not surprised as sad as it is. My X hated what he called "the Asian invasion", even being married to a Asian woman and having children together. He truly believes that the white male was endangered and it is all because of the Asians. 
My family history of enslavement (grandfathers were forced to work on building the transcontinental railroad), then forced to leave their homes and into concentration camps while still having their sons join the military, strip of all property becasue they were Japanese. 
I wasn't sure what I could do to help until a friend posted the "safety pin" idea that was used in England when they voted to leave the union and people were being attacked.
Wear a safety pin as a sign of support and safety for those who may be targeted by bullies. Have a pin on and they know you are there to help, a safe person to sit by, someone to talk to. So Annie and I both will wear a pin to show support to equal rights and help those who need. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 25 Lisa's Mish Mash of Happiness 7 Inktober challenge - slow

When we go up abalone diving, I like to stop at the 2 Fish Bakery. They make a amazing cinnamon buns my kids love. Since I have a gluten issue, I pick up their breakfast granola, which is the best. I decided to try and make some at home after I ran out. With the weather turning cold, baking is a favorite past time. I made banana bread for some friends and my version of breakfast granola.  I used chestnut honey, which turned out to be too strong tasting. The next round I will try maple syrup but over all it turned out well. It's a very slow process to make granola. Everything has to be turn every 15 minuets for over an hour. Well I was doing all that I mixed up a batch of banana bread since the oven was already warmed up. 

Day 24 Lisa's Mish Mash of Happiness Inktober Challenege - little

I know I'm out of order but I was very productive, just forgot to post. FabMo is making 275 of these small square boxes out of 8" fabric squares. They will be the thank you gifts for all the vendors who donate the fabric to FabMo. We plan to fill them with cookies and a thank you note. 
Over the weekend I made about 75. Easy to make and something you can do when you binge watch something on Netflix. I watched Skin Wars, which is a body painting reality show. I was amazed at how talented the artist were. Doing all that work only to have it washed away at the end of the day. The creativity of these artists was very impressive!

Day 26 Lisa's Mish Mash of Happiness & Inktober challenge

I missed this weekend's posts but that doesn't mean I wasn't being creative. In between chasing down my daughter's chihuahua who would take off running down the hill looking for her every time is got out. It was a very long weekend babysitting him. Happy he finally went home. After seeing all the fall leaf card being posted with new stamps and dies, I decided to break out my old punches (very old school) and make one. I made a master sheets (pages randomly covered with color) and then punch out my leaves. Took me awhile to find the sentiment for the middle. Size was an issue. I think it turned out pretty good!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 23 Lisa's Mish Mash of Happiness & Inktober "Big"

I'm a very novice knitter, knowing just enough to make scarves. I taught myself how to knit by watching YouTube videos. Being left handed and self taught, I've been told I use a hybrid method when I knit. It sort of freaks people out. :) Can't really tell from the photo but this is super big yarn. Several skeins were donated to FabMo last week. 
 I'm making scarves to donate to the homeless shelters. FabMo does a monthly tote bag drop off and with the weather getting colder thought adding a scarf would be helpful. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 22 Lisa's Mish Mash of Happiness and Inktober "squeeze"

Penny Black Stamp ?
This stamp always cracks me up! I taught myself to knit but still can't read a pattern. If I tried to make anything but a scarf, my sweater would look like what this kitty is wearing!

Penny Black Clear Stamp
Copic Markers
Mini Rhinestones