Saturday, April 30, 2016

FABMO Fabric

I've been volunteering at FABMO (super non profit) for the past few months and every time I go in, I tell myself that I will not bring home any  more fabric! I thought I was going to be able to leave without finding anything and then BAM, the last box I opened up had these beauties. I plan to make pillows out of the black and gray silk. The blue one has amazing embroidering and if I could I would cover a whole sofa! It and the sea pattern will go into my stash to 
 be made into something at some point. One can only make so many pillows. Only if I had a beach house!
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Family Locket - Facebook

Related Posts with ThumbnailsOver forty years ago my mom gave me this locket. I know who the baby on the right (cousin) is but never knew who was on the left. Out of the blue, I saw a posting from my cousin on Facebook. My mom was the youngest in her family and I'm the youngest in mine, so all of my cousins are much older than I am. I'm more the same age as my cousins' children. So I thought it was interesting my cousin was on Facebook. I sent a message and my cousin's son answered back. They have the same name and he his profile photo is his dad with his grand kids. So the mystery of who the other baby is was answered, another cousin. I decided the locket should be passed on to my cousin's family (his grandchildren) since the next generation in my family wouldn't have any attachment to the locket. My mom would be pleased that it's new home is with Don's children. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Grateful Garments - Fabmo

Women helping women
Related Posts with ThumbnailsToday I volunteered at Fabmo to help sew things for their Grateful Garment program. Volunteers come in and sew garments (basic scrub type) that go to local hospitals for rape victims, who sometimes have to leave their clothes behind for evidence. The hospital can only provide one of those open end gowns. The founder of Fabmo started the Grateful Garment program when she saw the need.  Over 60 outfits are made each month.  We also sew small cosmetic bags for girls rescued from being a sex slaves. The bags are filled with basic toiletries, since they  have nothing when the police shut down the operation. We also make XL tote bags for the homeless. The tote bags are made with heavy duty fabric (most of the fabric comes from the S.F. design center - samples) with extra long shoulder straps. Not only to help carry things but to be used as a pillow. We sew with fabric that otherwise would have been throw out and put it to good use. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fabmo - April 7, 2015

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI've been volunteering for the group "Fabmo" which is a local non profit that recycles all the designer fabric samples coming out of the San Francisco show rooms. It's pretty amazing to see top of the line, can't be found in your local fabric store fabrics. Almost all the fabric is linen or silk. I keep telling myself I will not bring home any more fabric samples, but I just can't pass up bold linen prints or "obi" (Japanese belt) silk fabric which you could only get from Japan.  Check out their calendar -
Since my sewing skills are very rusty, I plan to make a ton of XL totes and pillows until I get back into the swing of things. 
I did pick up some silk samples that look like leather (can't tell from the photo) for an up coming book binding class.
Seriously how can anyone pass up high quality linen fabric with lobsters on it? Not sure it will be turned into a tote or pillow. 

tweetie bird mug rug 2016

Another quilt creation by Patty N
Related Posts with ThumbnailsI have an upcoming team building event. The theme is the letter "T". It's for my Bay Area Women in Business group. We will meet at Steeper (tea shop in Campbell owned by a woman) to sample teas, make our own blend etc....
Asked my good buddy Patty to make a some Mug Rugs with a "tweetie bird" theme to go along with the tea cups. The menu will be assorted tarts and tea sandwiches. Thinking of doing turtle races but having a hard time finding wind up land turtles, most are made for the bath. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Carmel Thrift Buys

Finds from the Carmel Thrift Shops
When I'm down in Carmel at the beach house, I always make a stop at the local thrift shops. Besides the clothes being top notch, they're also clean. The places (there are 3) are run by volunteers and the money goes to charity, which I think is a super bonus. I've joined the movement of not buying anything new (other than under wear and shoes) to help reduce my impact on the earth after reading the book, The True Cost of Cheap Fashion.  Of course I'm not a clothes horse to be with, so it's been pretty easy. ;)
Carmel City Beach Before the Tourist Arrive

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