Saturday, April 16, 2016

Family Locket - Facebook

Related Posts with ThumbnailsOver forty years ago my mom gave me this locket. I know who the baby on the right (cousin) is but never knew who was on the left. Out of the blue, I saw a posting from my cousin on Facebook. My mom was the youngest in her family and I'm the youngest in mine, so all of my cousins are much older than I am. I'm more the same age as my cousins' children. So I thought it was interesting my cousin was on Facebook. I sent a message and my cousin's son answered back. They have the same name and he his profile photo is his dad with his grand kids. So the mystery of who the other baby is was answered, another cousin. I decided the locket should be passed on to my cousin's family (his grandchildren) since the next generation in my family wouldn't have any attachment to the locket. My mom would be pleased that it's new home is with Don's children. 

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