Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Over Dressed - My book of the week reading.

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI've been a big fan of the blog 
"refashionista" from almost the first day she started blogging several years ago. Not sure how I found it, but it's been amazing to watch/read about her journey.  I'm not into fashion (comfort is the most important thing in my world) but I do love the creative process of refashioning something into something else. Her blog has under gone some changes as she has moved to more commercial postings but it's still a fun blog to visit. 
She posted this book, for those who are into recycling clothes to read. Since I've helped a few friends organize their closets my interest in why people, who already have a closet full of clothes, say they have nothing to wear. Why do they keep buying super cheap clothes that they really won't ever wear? Would it help them if they knew the true cost of buying cheap? So this is my book of the week reading. 

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