Monday, May 2, 2011

Stressed Out Puppy

Related Posts with ThumbnailsOn Saturday I took Annie into the Vet's. She wasn't feeling well and I know German Shepherds have very sensitive tummys. Dr. Ueno took one look at her and asked me what was different at my house. I said I had gone back to work full time. Just by looking at Annie he could tell she was stressed out. It's very common for dogs who have bonded with their owners to become stressed out enough to throw-up and have other related upset tummy issues. Annie doesn't understand why I'm not home with her anymore. I had hopes of being able to bring her to work in the afternoons but with the gas prices so high, it's not cost effect to come home and pick her up. Does this look like a stress puppy?   


Lydia said...

Poor baby. And sheps bond so hard.

Hugs to you both.

June K. said...

Oh I hope Annie eventually gets used to you being gone. Poor Annie. And I'm sure you don't like being away from her either. Hugs.