Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Acts Of Kindness

post it note  addiction
Related Posts with ThumbnailsThe Seniors that come into the Akiyama Wellness Center for the most part are very active.  There are a few that need assistance but for the most part, all are active and involved.  Yesterday was a day of random acts of kindness.  One senior heard that I was told not to use so many post-its notes in my efforts to get my office organized. Write everything down in one notebook so I have it all in one place. One of my seniors went out and used her Costco coupon and got me a stack of 20 post-it notes. She told me to go have fun now. :)  Another very frail senior came in with a big boxes of gardenia. One of her neighbors is a grower and even with them not lasting more than a day she thought we would like. These random acts of kindness always bring a smile.  

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