Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kenji "Horiken" Hori Original Watercolor

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When you work for a non-profit lack of money is always an issue. At our last meeting for Sake San Jose, it was decided to auction off the original watercolor use for the event posters since there has been a lot of requests for the poster. I believe it's painted on rice paper and mount to an art board. It is a very nice painting done by tattoo artist Kenji "Horiken" Hori. My job was to find a way to display it so people could see it but not able to touch it but not spend any money in the process. It's a small painting so keeping behind the counter was not a good idea.  
While I was picking up the furniture being donated from  a local bank (see Wednesday's post) I saw this plexiglas box with a big grove cut out on one side. The bank used it to catch their mail.  The bank VP said it was custom made and very $$$.  I walked by it several times thinking I really should take it but what would I use it for. Finally I went over picked it up and turned it upside down (look at a problem from a different angle theory) and then the light bulb went on.  I saw it as a way to protect the watercolor but still have people be able to see the painting up close.  I know it may sound silly now but it was a simply cost saving idea. 
The watercolor is at the Akiyama Wellness Center if you would like to stop by and see it.  The opening silent bid is $250.00, with all the proceeds going to the Yu Ai Kai.  If you would like to make a bid you can come in or call the AWC at (408)753-9283. 

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