Saturday, May 7, 2011

Urban Container Gardening Project

Related Posts with ThumbnailsOne of the new projects I'm working on is "Urban Container Gardening" down at the Akiyama Wellness Center.  This is a pet project for me, so it's all done on my own time. I had a hard time deciding what seedlings I should offer those who adopted a container.  Finally I settled on something very Asian.  Bachan's (grandmother) tsukemono (pickling) vegetables and the Shabu Shabu garden package from Kitazawa Seeds  I also picked something called Hijiki because I've never seen that offered fresh in the stores. The seeds are going to the volunteer who has offered to sprout everything for my project.  If your interested in adopting a tsukemono or shabu shabu container for yourself or one for a senior at the center let me know. Here's a short list of what we will try to grow.  (Click on the link above for the full listing of seeds I've ordered.)
  • Japanese Bunching Onion
  • Tokinashi All Season Diakon
  • Orai All Season Spinach
  • Katsura Giant Pickling Melon
  • Senryo Ni Gou Eggplant
  • Maruba Santoh Chinese cabbage
  • Tasty Green Cucumber
  • Shungiku Chrysanthemum Green

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