Sunday, May 15, 2011

Old Fashion Book Sale

I know this is very old school with all the new Kindle type formats and i-tunes but I went to my local library's book sale on Saturday.  I wanted to pick up some background music CDs for work. Want surprised me was the hard core online book sellers that were scanning every book like the place was on fire. I watched several people before I asked one what he was doing with his little hand held scanner. He grunted and kept on going.  A nice elderly man told me most of the people at the sale were book dealers and they scan every book to see if they have a buyer for it or if they already have it in their inventory. There weren't too many "hobbist" as he called us in the room. I did manage to get a few music CDs($1.00 each)and a graphic design book for free since someone wrote in it. Now all I need to do is hunt down a better CD player for the center.

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