Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sweet Tooth

I do have sweet tooth but really could you eat a cake that looks like this? Just looking at all that black frosting makes my stomach hurt. :) Now the little cake bites on a stick look good. It's little pieces of cake dipped in chocolate then topped with frosting to look like a cupcake. Bakerella does some really creative stuff cake, she must be on a constant sugar high! I'm going to give it a try (using brownies instead of cake) when my kids coming home for the holidays. I'll leave the turkey cake for a my cousin to try making. Here's the link to the recipe.


Debbie said...

yum, those cake bites look good!

toners said...

Oh my, that is a LOT of frosting! Ewwww! But those little mini bites look perfect :) A cup of tea and one (or three) of those - yum!

plg said...

I like the looks of those cakes on a stick thingies!