Friday, November 14, 2008

Full Moon

I was planning on going camping by the beach during this "full moon"phase but Doug is out of town and Purrcy is still on antibiotics after his run in with the neighborhood bully. Didn't want Purrcy to not trust his favorite cat sitters anymore. He really dislikes taking his medicine.
So I thought I would update you with some trivia crafting news. Micheal's has been sold to two equity firms for 4 billion dollars (I double check to make sure it wasn't a typo) and now the new owners expect the 1,000 plus stores to service the debt. I think we are already seeing the changes happening in the stores. Walmart is getting out of the fabric business which will help the smaller stores and they are reducing their craft section in favor of more electronic items. Again a positive thing for the small craft store owners.


Debbie said...

Another great picture of Purrcy. I really think you should submit some for publication!

plg said...

I love this picture! Such a clown.
As for the's been all over 2Ps about these "new" Michaels that are being built & the center around scrapbooking you will find in them.
I've also noticed in the Walmarts by me that the fabric section are one aisle/one side & there are only 2 or 3 aisles dedicated to all the other crafts.
Let's hope this is good news - after watching the news & reading the papers this week & all the businesses/malls struggling to make it - we need it.

toners said...

I hope this all works out well for the "little" guys in the craft world...there are so many of the big ones out there that they lack that "special something" that individual stores can offer.