Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ab Diving on Monday

On day one we went to a new dive spot Mike (aka "the diver" in some circles) found and wanted us to try. It was a great dive spot but the climb
backup the hill to the trucks was what the guys called a "ball buster". Just imagine walking up a steep sand dune for 30 minutes carrying weight belts (about 11% of your body weight) bags of abalone (3-5 pounds each) plus all you dive gear. What a work out! It was one of those rare clear visibility days, 20- 30 feet. The divers were able to see from the top of the water all the way down to the bottom. I took the top photo to show how far the diver have to climb down to get into the water and climb back up with bags of "abs" and then make the hike back up to the trucks.

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Debbie said...

The view over the cliff makes me dizzy, I can't imagine climbing it. Did you dive too?