Monday, November 24, 2008

Abalone Diving

I will be going up north this week to go camping and abalone diving with my hubby. My family gets together for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a big potluck food fest (we average about 60 people) and we bring abalone when we can get it. Hubby also makes his family's favorite "squash rolls". We like to camp during the off season now that we don't have kids at home. I've been told it's going to rain one of the days we are there, so I'm happy to be taking up Miss Pinkie - our vintage travel trailer. The ocean will be rough, so there won't be a lot of divers in the water either. We've been abalone diving for over 30 years now (boy does that make us sound old!) so the divers know the spots that are more protected from the breaking waves.


plg said...

How fun - think of me in the depths of the sea!
Enjoy your week.

Lydia said...

How fun!

Do share the "squash roll" recipe with all of us.

toners said...

Oh wow! Sounds like fun!!

And - tag! You're it!