Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Camping Trip

Just got back from our pre-Thanksgiving day camping trip up to Salt Point State Park. We go up this time every year to free dive for abalone to take to my family's get together on Thursday.
I want to share a first in our whole 30 years of camping at Salt Point. This is a very popular camp ground because of the boat launch and protective coves for diving. On Tuesday for the very first time, we were the only people in the park for several hours. I had to take a photo since it's a rare sight. Later in the evening the big RV's started coming in and the Ranger told us by Wednesday night it would be full. The weather forecast rain so we were guessing that the tent campers decided to stay home. Miss Pinkie was by far the smallest travel trailer, but I think she has much more personality than all those big boys. :)

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