Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holiday Iris Folding Card

Another class project in the works. I plan to do at least three iris folding cards for my holiday class. The third one is in the works - design done and just waiting for me to put it together. On Tuesday and Wednesday I lose my studio space for my husband's Mona Vie meetings (I'm the Mona Vie widow) so I have to clean up everything, which is a good thing and bad thing. At least the studio gets picked up every week but I it takes me a long time to get everything back out to start designing again. There will be one bonus card with this class, which will not have any iris folding. Got the idea from Lydia (see my blog roll) who comes up with the funniest cards. Will post photo later today - glue still drying.


Lori said...

Hi! How come you are a Mona Vie widow? Just curious. :0)


Flatfish said...

My husband is building his business so if there isn't a training meeting here in the studio, he's off to someone else's meeting, seven days a week. I told him I'm a Mona Vie widow!