Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Great Catch of The Day

Here are some random shots from our camping trip. The top photo is our camping water heater. A dive buddy, Mike made this for us from a stock pot with a custom valve fitted into the bottom. It's made so you always have hot water ready for whatever you need. The really catch of the day was my hand cart. Jeff (another diver from Monday) brought along this hand cart thinking it would help carry his gear back and forth from dive on "Ball Buster" hill. It didn't work out as he planned so he said who ever hauled it back up the hill, could have it! Well, I've been looking at getting one of these for months so I dragged it up the hill - all by myself and I have the sore arms to prove it. :)

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toners said...

LOL @ "Ball Buster" hill!!! :)