Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sea Urchins - Uni

OK before you get all grossed out about eating raw sea urchin when it's fresh it's really good. The divers got two dive bags full of sea urchins which at a sushi bar would be called "Uni". It really should only be eaten when "fresh fresh", (in my opinion) and if your not near the ocean then it's not going to be fresh. It's very much like butter, very rich and can't be eaten alone. Would you take a big bite out of a stick of butter? The top photo is Uni in the shell with some vinegar and soy sauce and sake. Photo on the left is what the uni looks like when package for shipping.


Lydia said...

I love your photos and your Thanksgiving goodies!!

I adore sushi but have never had Uni.

I have to confess though that yes, I would indeed take a bite out of a stick of butter. :) When I was little enough to ride in the grocery cart my mom would often find me doing just that with sticks of butter she had unwisely left in the cart.

Looks like Urchin is the foie gras of the sea. I'll have to try it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

toners said...

I couldn't do it! Nope!