Monday, November 3, 2008

Lucy - Little Miss Sassy

I read on a professional blogger's site that you should not write about your cat. Since it was a guy, I'm deciding to ignore it.
On Sunday, Lucy did something none of my other cats (or dogs) have every done. Doug was in his office working and Lucy jumped on his desk (in front of the his computer) to get her tail scratched. Now she does this all the time so that's not new. This time Doug was really busy doing the bills so he didn't scratch the require amount of time in Lucy's world. When he stopped she turned around and bit him on the arm! Cat discipline happened immediately. Later when Doug was showing me the bite marks, he just called her sassy. Now you can tell which cat can get away with being naughty at our house?


Lydia said...

Whoever wrote that was an idiot!

I love this picture!!!

plg said...

That idjet must not own cats or dogs - or has been bitten several times for not paying the required amount of attention to them! Duh!

toners said...

Yeah, those kitties should come with a handbook that includes the rule: "when scratching cat in designated spot, do not cut scratching time short or you will pay the consequences" :)

Jenny Gropp said...

I agree with all above comments!
I have a "sassy" bad cat too.