Monday, November 3, 2008

It's DDD (Domestic Diva Day) Again

It's still raining so can't do the garden clean up that is on my to do list. I do have a lot of errands to run and one is to the post office. One big box of snacks for my son, who is over in the Middle East. Never sure where his is, since no one is suppose to know, but I do know it's hot, so no chocolate. The 100 cards I made this weekend are going into the mail too. There is a call out for blank Valentine's day cards, which will be shipped out in January 2009 if you have the time to make some that would be great. I'm also sending out some RAK packages to some of my buddies. My kitchen sinks are clean, the washer and dryer are running and I'm ready to go tackle the rest of the house! :)
Great photo of an old abandoned post office by J.Todd.


Lisa said...

I need a DDD as well so hope yours is going well.

I managed to make 63 Christmas cards and mailing them off today!

As for the Valentines cards-I'll get working on those as well.

Noticed you decided to have a few classes at CH-see you Saturday

Sues said...

Vlaentines cards huh? Any other kinds? I won't promise yet, but I'd like to know what they're looking for and who you send them to.

Flatfish said...

I send them to Debbi's (without an "e") who's blog site I post on my blog. It's good to go to her site and see the rules.

She does take all types of cards, it's just during the holidays she asks for specific ones.