Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy Week 2010

Related Posts with ThumbnailsIt's been a busy week for me.  First our computers are getting a major overhaul.  We found a great IT gal, (who only charges $10.00 an hour and no she's not a teenager) who is working out all the bugs on our computers.  While things are downloading, she plays with Annie and Squeak, a good mid afternoon workout for my fur babies. I also got my first ever Blackberry phone, so during those long download times, Kathy has transferred all the information from my computer to my new phone (I would have never been able to figure it out) and given me a live tutorial on all the features my new phone has.
Squeak is finally on the road to good health.  When I took her into the vet's office a month ago they missed the parasites she had in her stool. We realize how ill she really was. Because Squeak would not use the litter box, I was able to get a large loose stool sample (had to use a piece of card stock to get it in the bag, yes very gross) and the vet took one look at it and said something was really wrong. It looked so bad in fact that Dr. Johnson was going to personally look at it under the microscope since the lab tech missed it the first time around. Squeak not only has major parasite issue but a bacteria infection too because of the over abundance of the parasite. With all the drugs we have to give her to get things under control, she wasn't able to get her shots.  We can't wait too much longer since she is already 3 months old but the Dr didn't want to overload her system.  The change in Squeak is amazing now that she is feeling better.  She is using the litter box (happy dance) and has gained weight.
I was looking into buying this old building down in Japan Town and restoring it.  One dream I have is to open a store in the old building that has a mix of paper art supplies, affordable clothing and vintage/anitque items. This building with it's history and good bones would be perfect.  I was told the city now owns it and it's going to be torn down to make room of low income housing.  It's an historic building so I'm tracking down leads to see if it can be saved.

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