Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paul McCartney - concert

Related Posts with ThumbnailsThe kids got my hubby tickets to the Paul McCartney's concert at AT&T park in San Francisco this past weekend for his birthday. He's a major Beatles fan from way back, so it was a very thoughtful gift.  They even got us a suite at a hotel in the city so we wouldn't have to make the long drive home after the concert.
I know everyone will say how great the concert was but really it wasn't so hot.  Yes, Paul puts on a good show and did nice mix of music but his sound system team did a terrible job.  The music was SO LOUD that you really couldn't hear music. A few times his equipment was not in tune (even Paul said so on stage and made changes) and his band members had to jump away from their microphones several times when they squeaked so loud it hurt.  The fireworks was a nice showy touch to one of his songs.
It was sad to see so many middle aged people (who should know better) so drunk they had to sing along at the top of lungs to every song, even if they didn't know the words - yes I had seven of those idiots behind me.  I guess getting drunk was the only way they could enjoy the show.  Toward the end they started falling down or asleep in their chairs. 
It would have been a more enjoyable show if people like my hubby were there to hear Paul play and sing his songs.

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Susan Raihala said...

Lisa, I've never been a concert goer myself and reviews like this convince me I've made wise choices over the years. My SIL took her 16yo son to a concert, and a forty-something woman in tight clothes told my SIL she wanted to sleep with her son. YIKES! And yes, the woman was drunk.

Besides, I KNOW no one wants to hear me belt out Let It Be, and so I'll happily listen to it in the privacy of my own home where only my children and devoted spouse need suffer the nondulcet tones of my voice!