Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ground Squirrel Day

There are tons of ground squirrels at the park I take Annie to every morning.  We don't actual see a lot of them, but Annie will make a tennis ball deposit at least once a week.  On a rare occasion the squirrels will push out all the tennis balls that have fallen into the holes.  Always a major score for ball focused dogs.  This morning after a hour of ball throwing and playing with two husky puppies, Annie still wasn't tired enough.  After breakfast she decided to chew on my back up computer under my desk.  The mouse never had a chance. Yes, the bad girl is now outside thinking maybe she should have stayed with her tennis balls.
Today will be what I will call a "ground squirrel" day.  I plan to stay home and get all those housekeeping things done on my to do list as well as get some class samples done. 

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