Thursday, July 29, 2010

Squeak watching TV

Related Posts with ThumbnailsWhile I work out in my studio at night, I sometimes play a DVD.  Annie doesn't seem to notice when other dogs are on the screen but Squeaker does.  She sat through most of the movie in her front row seat.  Squeak doesn't have a lot of the natural skills most cats have.  She is a wrecking ball when she walks through any room. Boxes of paper fall over, trays of embellishment knock to the ground as she leaps (unsuccessful) from one spot to another.  I'm not kidding when I've watched her body slam into a cabinet because she thought she could make it. I spend more time in my studio picking up after her.  I've been told it's a Rag Doll trait (mom was a Rag Doll) so another reason she can never be a outdoor cat.