Sunday, July 4, 2010

Auction Week July 2010

I spent the whole day at the auction house, something I haven't done in a long time.  I've been to enough of them to know how to pass the time.  I worked on some projects coming due, packed a lunch, water, and wore my walking shoes I could walk around the parking lot. For some extra fun I sometimes play what I like to call "Auction Chicken".  I bid
on things way pass what I would want to pay to see if the other dealer will keep going. It's funny when two dealers get in a bidding war, others join in thinking there has to be something they missed in a junk lot. Junk lot are random items on shelves or boxes, so times good stuff but most of the time junk. I did manage to come home with some cool stuff.  Printing blocks (Central Pacific Railroad, map of the U.C Berkeley campus, photo of a hanging), pair of utility drawers and a jewelry box.  I also got a XXL table (over 9 feet long) that I've been looking for a longtime.  It's one solid piece of wood with no extensions. Sort of like a super sized harvest table or wine cellar table.  It's coming home to my studio on Monday!

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