Monday, October 11, 2010

tennis ball clean up

Spending the day cleaning up my studio and picking up after the animals.  I decided today to wash all of Annie's tennis ball.  Yes, that's right, I washed a bunch of tennis ball. It's easier for me, if I can see the balls when I take Annie out for her run. With the "chuck-it", I can throw the ball super far.  There are times Annie gets so excited about chasing the ball she forgets to bring it back.  She is able to find them if I make her sniff it out, but I like to make sure she gets a good 45 minutes of hard wind sprints so I carry at least two balls.  When they get dirty I have a harder time finding them in the tall grass. 
I'm working through piles and piles of stuff in my studio.  It's been a few month since I've done a clean up.  I can at least see part of the table now. 

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