Friday, October 8, 2010

Sassy Witch Halloween Card

Related Posts with ThumbnailsWorking late last night in my studio making more Halloween cards. You can't see the Stardream paper I used on the two black cards but it does add a nice touch.  Just super simple cards.
As I ran around this morning doing my errands, I stop by the gun shop to drop something off for my gun instructor.  As he was showing me the various type of shot guns I could use for skeet shooting, a man came up and asked if I was getting it for home protection.  I said no, I have a very large German Shepherd who is a great deterrent.  The shot gun was just for fun.  He said he liked my attitude.  It was sort of weird to be the only woman in the place.  At least the sales guys didn't roll their eyes when I asked if they had pink shotgun.  Guess they know better to make fun a customer while she is holding a gun. :)

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