Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cubbie Lover - Storage

After printer's cabinetsRelated Posts with Thumbnails, my second favorite storage is cubbies. I found this cabinet at an auction and it was going to go into my booth for sell.  As it sat around waiting for me to tag it, I started filling it up with my rolls of ribbon (have a ton of ribbon stashed all over my studio) and unmounted stamps which I store in CD cases.  I've been working on making Annie's Halloween costume after finding out they don't make ones her size in the stores. Big dogs like to dress up too.  I found a pattern and had to make major modification to it to get it to fit.  Annie is long in the body (which is how the pattern tells you to figure out the size) but has a small neck.  She's not really happy that I wake her up to make her try it on as I make all the adjustments.  Will post photos when I get it done.

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Holly* said...

love your storage Lisa! you always have such great furniture finds!