Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Great Auction Fine - One Vintage Mannequin

Related Posts with ThumbnailsWell, if you wait long enough, any you want will show up at the auction house. Related Posts with ThumbnailsI've been looking for a vintage mannequin for a long time.  This one is from France and very old. It was fate that it would fall into my hands.
I'm in the planning stages of hosting a "deconstruction jewelry" workshop and wanted a full size vintage mannequin to use as a display model.  In the workshops we will take apart jewelry and make it into something else after we have learned the basic techniques of jewelry making.  I hope to have someone come in and give a basic glass bead making workshop so we can also make our own beads as well as a welder and silver clay teacher. Finding the mannequin was a sign that my "deconstruction jewelry" workshop was meant to be.

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