Monday, May 12, 2008

Lucy aka Miss Attitude

I thought this picture of Lucy was too funny this morning. I was working on getting ready for my class on Tuesday and Lucy was have one of her "Miss Attitude" days. When she is mad, she will turn her back to you and swish her tail. Well she was really mad this morning and I can only guess it was because a house across the street from us was torn down and the jack hammers were really loud. She was mad at me, like it was my fault there was all this noise in her air space. She was mad but wanted to make sure to keep an eye on me. Really, she is pretending not to look at me but she is watching me from the mirror. See, her ears are in the cat mad mode. If I walked from one end of the table I could see her eyes move in that direction. If I left the room she would curl up and go to sleep. When I walked back in the room, she would sit up again and stare in the mirror. It was too funny.