Thursday, May 15, 2008

Latest Stamping Cabinet Find

This is my latest rubber stamp storage cabinet find. I told you I can't pass anything up with more than 12 narrow drawers! I found this one on Craig's list (I just love CL) from a women selling off her rubber stamp collection, along with this cabinet. She wasn't able to take of photo so she only posted "12 drawers worth of stamps". The 12 drawers got my attention. Well when I got there, she only had about 100 stamps (for us stampers that's just a babe in the woods) and half were unmounted. We finally worked out a deal and I came home with the cabinet and stamps. I will be selling off the stamps since most of them are not even close to my style or taste. It was just easier for her to sell me everything as one lot instead of having to deal with people pick through the stamps.


Sues said...

This is GORGEOUS! How much do you want for it??!!!! What a find!

plg said...

can i be you when i grow up? i wish i could find these kinda things - wish i had TIME to look for these kinda things!

toners said...

Wow! Beautiful! And perfect for stamp storage! I want to come and play! :)