Friday, May 9, 2008

Eating Frogs

Last week my husband had a HUGE list of things he had to get done around the house. Anything he hates doing, he can find 1,000 reasons why he can't. If you have ever read Brian Tracy's book "Eat that Frog" you will know what I mean. To avoid eating his biggest frog, my husband ran (and I mean a full out sprint to his truck) yelling over his shoulder that he wanted to go grocery shopping before they ran out of all the good stuff. When he got back some time later, he had flowers and chocolate with him. He said "Happy Mother's Day". I told him it wasn't Mother's Day but Cinco De Mayo. He said the store had "don't forget Mother's Day" displays all over the place, so I know he didn't make the trip to the store just for me. He's not the type of man who remembers birthday or holidays. Flowers and chocolate are on my weekly shopping list and I didn't forget his long list of things he had to get done around the house either.

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Debbie said...

But at least he cared enough to buy you something! Even if it was the wrong day and he was wanting an excuse to not work :-)