Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get Well Card - Sort of

I made this card for a good friend who broke her neck in FIVE places. Yes, she really did and is still alive to talk about it. She had to wear a head brace for several weeks and was a really good sport about it. Of course, she couldn't wait to get out of it. Not only do you have this metal cage around your head (with pins sticking in your scalp to hold it in place) there is also a body harness that goes down to your waist that you can not take off. Yep, that means you have this layer of sheep skin under the body brace and it can't get wet or washed. The good news is that MJ is now out of the "cage" and doing great. I think she said the first she was going to do was stay in the shower for a week. I know she will find the humor in my "no bird cage" card. :)

Stamp and paper from Memory Box and circle is a Nestabilites


plg said...

That cage is NO fun - I had a friend years ago who had to wear it, called a "halo" for about 8 weeks. I'm glad your friend is doing well & survived!

toners said...

This card is great! From what you've told us about MJ, I think she will definitely appreciate it!

Sues said...

This card is awesome! She must be a really strong gal - I can't wait to meet here IRL and hear her tales of the "cage" Poor Thing.