Monday, December 12, 2011

Re-Birth Glass Tree

Kitras Art Glass Inc.
Related Posts with ThumbnailsThis was a very thoughtful gift from my good buddy Toni, who flew out to help celebrate my Spiritual Death Wake this past weekend. It's a giant hand blown glass ball called
"re-birth" by Kitras Art Glass.

"Throughout our lives we journey through many different cycles of renewal. Whether it is overcoming a difficult challenge and emerging from it ready to start over or an exciting new beginning that will lead to great happiness.  Just as a tree goes through cycles of death and then rebirth so do we, each time growing stronger. Whether we are standing before a new pathway or reflecting on a journey taken - the themes of Creativity, Passion, Happiness, Freedom, Re-Birth and Giving helps us to move forward and celebrate the many pathways of life."

So thankful there are word people out there who can express what I feel.

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