Thursday, December 1, 2011

More random Christmas

Driving in today to work and thinking about all the things that I have to get done today before the staff and board holiday party I thought of all the random things I'm thankful for. One of the silly thoughts was how thankful I am for my soon to be ex's angry and nastiness toward me. Whenever I feel sad about the end of our relationship or in doubt, I just call him. It doesn't even take a full 30 seconds for him to go postal and for me to remember why we are getting divorced. :)
But on to more positive thoughts.
Love coming into work and seeing all the holiday decorations up and playing holiday music.  
Santa Tree Topper
The Santa tree topper is like the one that was on my family tree when I was growing up. Every year my mom would decide what color light bulb would go behind Santa. One year the bulb got too close and burned a little hole in Santa's face. My mom just called it a liver spot. Not sure what happened to the tree topper (I'm sure it's stored away somewhere) but when I see this one I think of my mom.
Looking forward to making more happy Christmas memories.

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