Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easy and Quick Christmas Gift

Related Posts with ThumbnailsThere hasn't been a whole lot of crafting going on in my world lately but as I unpack all my Christmas ornaments for tonight's tree trimming party, I came across this one done in 2003. It's a great idea for a quick but personal holiday gift.  It does mean that you have to know the person well enough to write some of the highlights for the past year. I had one made for my son and daughter. Seeing it again, it's like reading a mini journal of some of the highlights that happened in his life.  His first big halibut, getting his driver's license and signing up to join the Navy etc... Now I wish I had one made for every year.  The one I had made for my daughter was taken doing a demo. Not sure why someone would want someone else memories but it's gone.
 Anyways, all you need is a glass ball, glass marking pen (any craft store will have it) and some ribbon. Sure is fun doing a quick read on what happened in 2003!

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