Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great finds at the Buddhist Church Rummage Sale

I've been on the look out for some nice coffee cups for the ladies down at the Akiyama Wellness Center. Every Tuesday morning a group of ladies(Coffee Club)come over to the center after their early morning workout class. I started serving them coffee in fine china (I have a huge stash from my auction house finds) but now the group has gotten so big, I don't have enough matching cups. Yes, I know I don't have to use matching cups but this is old school stuff.
I walked around the church rummage sale and there were several sets of nice china but I didn't need the dinner plates or bowls. On top of that, none of the sets were bigger than eight place settings. Finally I found 10 cups and 12 saucers. Two cups were missing,so I'm going to try and find them at the auction houses. Guess whoever donated the cups kept the plates.
The other super great find was 30+ sushi serving trays.Related Posts with ThumbnailsIt had to have been donated by a restaurant. AWC doesn't have a whole lot of extra cash but we finally agreed on $30.00, which was all I had in petty cash. I plan to use the trays for the next Sake San Jose event in 2012. If things go as planned, I will also using the trays for the upcoming culinary night fundraisers.

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