Sunday, July 3, 2011

Miss Lisa the black widow spider

One of the down sides to working 40+ hours a week is that I don't spend as much time with Annie anymore. Not that we do a whole lot other than chase tennis balls, but she does miss not having me home. Last night I was tired and the tennis made a bad bounce up over the chain link fence at the school. I'm not a good fence climber so Annie was very unhappy to be able to see her tennis ball but not get it. She even went and got a stick to see if I could use that get her ball. No really she went and got the stick for me to throw since we didn't have a tennis ball anymore. 
Miss Lisa - Black Widow Spider
At work in the outside storage shed there is this SUPER BIG black widow spider. I mean steroid type big. Two volunteers who were moving bags of dirt (for my container gardening project)decided to name her "Miss Lisa". Really one volunteer thought it was funny to name her after me. I decided to keep Miss Lisa in place until the next time we have to clean out the shed. She's has volunteered to be door security (remember how to use volunteers post) and she will keep the shed insect free. I was trying to get a better photo of Miss Lisa's red hour glass belly which you can't miss when you open the shed door but I could only get so close her.    

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