Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movie Night with Annie

Related Posts with ThumbnailsDuring the summer my neighborhood group hosts a movie night down at the park. It's a huge screen they spend all day setting up. I've taken Annie before but she's not much of a night time dog so every shadow makes her bark. This time a took her tennis balls and sat up on hill away from the screen. When Annie started to get barky I would throw a ball. I felt sorry for the guy who ran by me out of the shadows. Annie went German Shepherd and made sure he wasn't getting any where near me or her tennis balls. Yes, I take my dog to the movies.
There have been reports of coyotes and bob cats in our area. A few people have lost their cats to them. Annie has decided she wants to sleep outside. I thought maybe because it was cooler but now maybe because something in roaming around.

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