Monday, December 20, 2010

Starbuck VS homemade latte

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI'm not a coffee drinker but when the weather is cold, I do like a nice hot drink.  I went to Starbucks to try their Pumpkin Spice latte.  It was good but again, I'm not a coffee drinker so it tasted too much like coffee and not enough like pumpkin spice.  I went again a week later and it tasted like they forgot the spice completely. The little gray cells started talking to me to try and make it myself at home.
Now that I handle all my family's accounting and investments, I'm very aware of amortization.  When I buy something I figure out how much in the long run the item will cost or save my pocket book. With my crafting supplies, I figure out how many classes I have to teach to pay for it and if it's something my students would use.
Having a latte at Starbucks is close to $5.00 so if you had one every day that would be $35.00 a week or $140.00 per month = $1,680.00 per year.  I decided I could make my own at home for a whole lot less and use lactose free milk.  Cost Plus is having a sale on Torani (the flavoring used in most lattes) so I picked up a few (each bottle cost $5.00) and now trying to make a good cup of not so coffee tasting latte.  I know latte means coffee so I guess I should call it a "latte hold the coffee". 


Sues said...

I can't stand coffee either. What does it taste like? I love pumpkin.

Lisa said...

They call it pumpkin spice but it's more "spice" like you would taste in a pumpkin pie. No real pumpkin flavor IMO

Jannette said...

Next time just ask for a "steamer".It's a Latte without the coffee. Me I love the coffee, not starbucks so much but other brands.