Thursday, December 30, 2010

Going Green Christmas

 A lot of thought went into this year's Christmas gifts.  We are not crazy "go green" people but we do try our best. My son's girlfriend gave me a personnel tea pot from TEAVANA.  I'm a big green tea drinker and have been using tea bags for a long time.  I do throw them my the compost pile but now I can use loose leaf tea which reduces the  extra packaging and I can buy better green tea.
One very sore spot with hubby and me is his addiction to sparkling water. It's not so much him having to drink bubble water but all the plastic bottles left all over the house.  He buys a case (24 bottles) a week and the bottles never make it to the recycle center.  I have to sneak them out to the city's recycle bin and hope he doesn't fish them out before the garbage truck arrives.  I finally broke down and went to Sears (help support a retailer that supports their employees on deployment) and bought two SodaStream machines.  One for my hubby and one for my daughter for Christmas.  It solved so many issues and in less than two months it will pay for itself.  And yes, it does work well.
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