Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prune Cake - Pioneer Woamn Cooks

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I'm always looking for new recipes and trying something different.  Ree Drummond as a great blog "The Pioneer Woman" about her life on a working cattle ranch. Her cookbook is a fun read and her recipes are for real people.  I'm guessing if Marlboro Man (her very hot husband) likes it, it can't be that bad. So today I made the cake, which was very light and tasty.  I messed up on the caramel frosting.  I don't have corn syrup in the house so I had to make some sugar syrup (google search said that was a good sub) instead. I didn't let the sauce cook long enough so instead of a nice sticky caramel topping I had sugary milk mess soak into the cake.  It still came out tasting great.
I had a hard time finding plain buttermilk.  I mean if you're going to use buttermilk why would you buy low fat or nonfat buttermilk?  That's all I could find at the big chain stores.
Here's the link to the PRUNE CAKE

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