Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Gifts 2010 boots

Related Posts with ThumbnailsNow that my children are grown and on their own, they ask me for a Christmas gift list.  I put things on the list I would like but would not buy for myself right now.  I also include things that don't cost anything but time.  Example: washing all the windows inside and out (that's been on my list for the last five years), help paint the family room, help rebuild the raised vegetable beds, sit in the same room long enough to get at good photo with no one sticking out their tongue or making funny faces. But they never seems to want to go in that direction. 
This year my son got me my favorite hiking boots.  The current pair I have (broke them in while I was in Nepal) are still good but I would like a back up pair.  These are Keen boots and you don't really have to break them in.  They work out great from the get go.  Sadly no major treks planned for 2011.  Would really love to go mushroom hunting in Tibet or hiking in the Swiss Alps but the travel budget is pretty low this year.


Sues said...

What style do you recommend? I'm looking for a pair myself but can't find anyone selling women's.

Lisa said...

I like Keens because they have a wider toe area. They only have two styles that are water proof so that should narrow it down for you.
Most of the women on my Nepal trip wore Keens. I don't remember anyone having issues with their shoes but all of us were experienced hikers.