Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Morning Walk With Annie

Rain or shine Annie and I hit the trail at 6:00 AM.  Not my favorite time to get up but I have to walk her a good hour before breakfast.  Mr Purrcy (the cat) wakes me up at the crack of dawn, (he's better than an alarm clock) so I can't over sleep. This morning it was a very light misty rain. It made all the roses (which are in full bloom now) just sparkle.  I decided after our walk to go back out with my camera and take a few photo before the sun made everything too bright.
Annie is ready now to go hiking with me so I'm going to start wearing my backpack  and using my walking sticks on our daily walks.  I have to get her use to walking on her leash while I have all my gear on.  Should be interesting the first couple of times out the door. 

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